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How Can I help?

There is always a way to help, we invite you to join the cause and help us to continue supporting those who truly need it.

Sponsors Program Ciudad de la Alegria Foundation Cancun offers the opportunity to establish links between people who want to help and those who need help. The sponsors can choose between sponsor any of the homes or programs of the Foundation, to a group or activity, to a grandpa, a sick or to a student that needs attention, love and generosity to live happier and with greater dignity. The sponsors can interact with their beneficiaries to give follow-up to its academic, personal and spiritual development, and see how their lives transform. The sponsors of Mano Amiga School can participate in some activities and celebrate the victories of their sponsored children to who they are giving tools and the opportunity to have a better future.

Donations in kind Throughout the year we receive donations in kind that are distributed between different homes and programs for Ciudad de la Alegria Foundation A.C. They are also used to provide support to other allied institutions as Cancún General Hospital and the Center for Social rehabilitation, as well as people living in marginalized areas and the Mayan communities. The donations are only received in good condition, including clothing, food and other supplies, which can be directed towards any home or specific program, be distributed according to the criteria and the internal needs of the Foundation, or be sold in the bazaar of the institution to generate economic resources.
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Volunteering Ciudad de la Alegria Foundation A.C. in Cancun offers the opportunity to live unforgettable and unique experiences through the volunteer program and discover a new meaning to life helping to change the reality of our environment. The program benefits both, those who live in situation of vulnerability, as to people of all the ages and nationalities who can develop their vocation and passion to help by visiting the homes of the Foundation for share, collaborate and serve with joy and love to those who need it the most. The hours and days that are assigned to carry out humanitarian work depend on the availability of time to individual, group or corporate level.
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Social Service The Social Service program is aimed at young high school and University so they put into practice their knowledge focusing on a social cause. The program strengthens their vocational orientation while different types of activities are carried out in homes and Ciudad de la Alegria Foundation A.C. in Cancun. According to the needs of the beneficiaries, young people receive the opportunity to put into practice their knowledge and talents contributing to society while they fulfill community service hours required by the educational institution they represent.
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Professional Practices Ciudad de la Alegría Foundation A.C. in Cancun offers young professionals the possibility to practice different skills and knowledge acquired during his professional career, and unimaginable labor experiences. It is an excellent opportunity to meet new challenges by helping people with strong needs and problems, carrying out actions that can make a big impact in the community and that greatly enrich its development and professional.
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